Flexibly Scheduled Seminary Training

I was recently asked about possible avenues for seminary training online. I thought that I would gather some links in response. I personally completed the MA in Theology via the modular class schedule from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis. This required two, two-week blocks per year for two years. If at all possible I believe the live, face-to-face, interactions are well worth it. If this is not a possibility there are other options:

I would advise anyone considering this route to count the cost. I can only speak for myself, but it was a lot of work. My reading, research and writing skills had gathered some rust during the 20 year gap in my formal schooling.  Seminary was as much an investment by my family as it was for me. Make sure that your wife, children and church are fully supportive. I would also advise you to push yourself academically, don’t just get a piece of paper, get an education. Take the most challenging program that the gifts and talents that God has given you allow, and which your circumstances permit. Educate your whole heart including your intellect and emotions.

The links I have included are ones that I have some association with. I am not completely familar with each program however. If people have other recommendations please feel free to add comments.


2 comments on “Flexibly Scheduled Seminary Training

  1. leburgess says:

    I just found this at DTS

    The previews are interesting.

  2. leburgess says:

    I found this at BBC as well

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