David Brainerd’s Diary: July 18, 1745

“Longed to spend the little inch of time I have in the
world more for God. Felt a spirit of seriousness, tenderness, sweetness,
and devotion – and wished to spend the whole night in prayer and
communion with God.”

How I wish for Brainerd’s devotion, eternal perspective, and spiritual fire. The Diary of David Brainerd is my #1 favorite biography. Reading this diary takes effort, it is not an endevor to be entered upon lightly. Unquestionably, his writings reveal his flaws, but they also reveal the heart of the man yearning for God. If you choose to read this biography you need to commit yourself from the outset to complete it without setting it aside. You also need to allow time for reflection upon what the words reveal about walking with God and what they reveal about your own life.


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