How Great the Father’s Love for Us

Today is both an exciting and sad time in the Burgess home. We will be leaving tonight to bring Kara to Maranatha Baptist Bible college to begin her freshman year. This new phase in our lives has caused me to reflect on how great the Father’s love for us really is. Lori and I both will be heart broken when we drive away leaving our eldest daughter at the curve. Yet, we are assured that the Father understands. God sent His sent His Only Begotten Son (I have three other children), His Son was perfect, righteous, holy, and loved Him perfectly (Kara is a sinner saved by grace), He loved His Son perfectly (Lori and I are sinners saved by grace),  His Son came to earth, took upon Himself the form of a servant …and became obedient unto death (Kara begins an exciting new phase of her life for Him).  Tears will unquestionably be shed, but through them we each have come to know the Father’s love just a little bit better. We praise God for his grace in our lives. Pray for us.


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