How Does Pride Manifest Itself?

  1. Through complaining against God for our circumstances or complaining against circumstances that God has brought about. Rom 9:20
  2. Through a lack of gratitude in general. Critical, discontent, unthankful to God and others.
  3. Anger, because the person believes himself worthy of more than he has received.
  4. An attitude of superiority, often disappointed in others.
  5. Through an inflated view of one’s abilities. A wrong self-perception.
  6. By focusing on our lack of abilities. Caught up in self-pity. Constant self-focus. Desire approval from and for what they cannot do.
  7. Perfectionism. Nobody can do it right. Difficult time dealing with those who don’t measure up. Majors in the minors and forgets people.
  8. Talking too much, what others say is just not important
  9. Talking much about one’s self: life, job, children etc.
  10. A desire for independence and control.
  11. Consumed by what others think of them, desire self approval, man-pleasers not God-pleasers.
  12. Devastated by criticism. Can not handle their imperfections, cling to reputation.
  13. Pride manifests itself in unteachableness – Jer 43:2. Stunted growth.
  14. Sarcastic, degrading, puts others down to lift oneself up. Prov 28:25
  15. A lack of lowly service to others – Gal 5:13
  16. A lack of compassion. Can’t see beyond their own desires. Heb 5:2
  17. Defensive and blame-shifting. They cannot be wrong so others must be. Prov 12:1
  18. An unwillingness to admit wrong doing. Unwilling to accept full blame. Can’t say “I was wrong”. Prov 10:17
  19. A lack of forgiveness. Can’t say “I am sorry, please forgive me” Mt 5:23
  20. A lack of prayer. Focuses prayer upon self.
  21. Resisting or disrespecting authority.
  22. Voices opinions when not asked. Prov 21:2
  23. Minimizes his own sin and short-comings.
  24. Maximizes the sins of others. Mt 7:1-6
  25. Impatient with others. Prov 13:10. Inflexible.
  26. Jealous, envy. Can not rejoice in good coming to others.
  27. Uses others for their own personal gain. Phil 2:3,4
  28. Desire to cover their own sins. James 5:16. Can’t admit faults.
  29. Draws attention to themselves. Dress, behavior etc. 2 Tim 3:2
  30. By not having close intimate relationships. Self-sufficient. Doesn’t need others.

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