No Longer Communication; It is only Communion

I am beginning to get caught up on the pile of books that sit on the table beside my chair. I completed The Shack, as well as The Young, Restless and Reformed. I don’t know if I will post anything on either of these, but, if you want my opinion feel free to ask. If anyone would like to borrow either of these books I would be glad to share them. Each would come with warnings and disclaimers.

I am now reading The Anatomy of Preaching. In chapter 2: “What is Biblical Preaching: The Issue of Authority” the author, David L. Larsen writes:

This whittling away of our heritage has left some preachers holding a Bible which is for them only a human record of man’s response to God. Hendrik W. Van Look spoke of the Old Testament as a national Jewish scrapbook, a king of Reader’s Digest anthology. Such a Bible is no longer communication; it is only communion.

Do you believe this to be true? How prevalent is this attitude in your church? How do you see this attitude manifested?

I find this heart wrenching.


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