Tonight, after a long day at work, during which time I encountered some rather large messes that required tending to, and to which I responded, may we say, without delight, I  sat and read the following:

At no point does the way of Jesus diverge more sharply from the way of the world than on the question of greatness. Jesus does not exactly repudiate prominence and greatness, but he redefines them. The challenge is to be great in things that matter to God. Nothing is greater in God’s eyes than giving, and no vocation affords the opportunity to give more than that of a servant (10:43). . . In Jesus’ teaching . . . the concept of service grows out of his concept of love for one’s neighbor.  Jesus’ selfless service of others fills the concept of servant with entirely new content; the posture of the servant is a visible manifestation of the reality of God’s love. Greatness in God’s economy is not reserved for the gifted and privileged; rather, it presents itself to every believer in the common and simple tasks of serving others. Indeed, the more common and humble the task, the greater the deed for humility is the essence of him who said, “For I am among you as one who serves'” (Luke 2:27). Service to others is the primary way in which believers imitate and fulfill the mission of Jesus (10:43-45). – The Pillar New Testament Commentary. Mark 9:36-37

I stand guilty as charged. Especially during the Christmas season God presses home the true meaning of diakonos . How easy it is to judge those hard hearted disciples who sought greatness.  “Jesus speaks of surrendering his life; the disciples speak of fulfilling theirs. He counts the cost of discipleship; they count its assets. The disciples have yet to learn that the rewards of discipleship come only as a consequence of following Christ on the costly way to Jerusalem.” Tonight, I sit silently rebuked alongside them. I praise God that I serve a sovereign Father who rebukes those whom He loves.


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