Spurgeon’s Final Words

I felt compelled today to review the biography of C.H. Spurgeon and was struck by the final lines of his final sermon preached at the Tabernacle June 7,1891:

“If you wear the livery of Christ, you will find Him so meek and lowly of heart that you will find rest unto your souls. He is the most magnanimous of captians. There never was His like among the choicest of princes. He is always to be found in the thickest part of the battle. When the wind blows cold He always takes the bleak side of the hill. The heaviest end of the cross lies ever on His shoulders. If He bides us carry a burden, He carries it also. If there is anything that is gracious, generous, kind, and tender, yea, lavish and superabundant in love, you always find it in Him. His service is life, peace, joy, Oh, that you would enter it at once! God help you to enlist under the banner of JESUS CHRIST!”

This man knew something of the weight of the cross. As one of God’s choice servants God called him to suffer physically and emotionally for the cause of Christ. Yet, as the end of his earthly ministry was approaching, what filled his heart was adoration of his Savior Jesus Christ. A true manifestation of God’s grace.


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