Biblical Separation

Bauder’s Report after speaking at Beason Divinity School on Biblical Separation

A Nick of Time Article on The Importance of Separation there are other related articles in his archive.

“Some Christians do believe the fundamentals, but they do not believe that acceptance of the
fundamentals should be made a test of Christianity or of Christian fellowship. Such people do not deny the
gospel. Indeed, they may even defend the truth of fundamental doctrines. In the nature of the case,
however, they demean the gospel. They remove the gospel from its position of definitive centrality for
Christian faith and fellowship. They knowingly seek to extend Christian fellowship and recognition to
A professing Christian who robs a liquor store or commits perjury will ruin a testimony. A Christian
leader who has an affair will ruin a ministry. But a Christian who knowingly extends recognition and
fellowship to an apostate imperils the gospel itself. Such a Christian is guilty of doctrinal indifference, of
spiritual apathy, of disobedience to Christ, and of grave unfaithfulness to the gospel.”


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