Why do men come to different positions?

Someone asked a very good question the other night and I have spent a bit of time thinking about “Why do men come to differing positions on God’s Word?” I believe the answer is two-fold: They differ in what they know, and they differ in what they do with what they know.

  1. They differ in what they know, because . . .
    • Ignorance
      • Depraved Blindness – they have never considered it.
      • Apathy – they don’t care if they know or not
      • Hard heartedness – they don’t want to know
      • Time / Interest / Skills – Differing investments in what it takes to know
    • Differing basis for their knowledge
      • Personality – they conform their knowledge to what a charismatic individual has instructed
      • Theological System – they conform their knowledge to a system.
      • Self – logic, deduction
      • Bible – they conform their knowledge to what the Holy Spirit reveals the Bible to teach, historically, grammatically, literally.
    • God has not revealed a certain truth
      • Because of a believer’s current maturity
      • Because of divine judgment
  2. They differ in what they do about what they know, because . . .
    • They are willfully disobedient
      • A person walking in this way in not a believer
    • They are motivated by differing sources
      • Pragmatism – One’s own reason and rationale supersedes God’s
      • Legalism – Attempt to merit God’s favor
      • Pride – Attempt to merit Man’s favor
      • Love for God & desire to glory Him – Attempt to bask in God’s grace and behave in a manner that best reflects those rays.
    • They live in and/or come from differing cultures
      • Weaker brother
      • Cultural ignorance coming from apathy or depraved blindness.
      • We need not only have knowledge of what God tells us but we need to have an understanding of the culture in which we live so that we can faithfully apply those truths to our own lives. For example, God does not address the use of the internet but the Word contains principals that guide us. For us to make that application we need to have prayerfully considered what challenges the internet poses.

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