O Lord, save Thy people from such a snare.

My eyes have finally decided that they are willing to start reading again after a series of eye surgeries. To give both of us a treat I have begun reading God Tells the Man Who Cares by A.W. Tozer. I hope to share some selections from this book over the next few days. Here is my first from the chapter titled “The Kingdoms of the World and the Glory of Them”:

The real peril today arises from within the fold of orthodox believers. It consists of an acceptance of the world’s values, a belief that the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them are valid prizes to be pursued by believing men and women. Blind leaders of blind souls are admitting that there is something to  said in favor of the world-glory after all; they insist that Christians should not cut themselves off from the pleasures of the world, except, of course, from those that are too degraded for respectable society. Everything else goes, and the very values that Christ scorned are now being used to attract people to the gospel.

Christ now stands in need of a patron, a celebrity who will sponsor Him before the world.  He looks weakly about for some well-known figure upon whose inside popularity He can ride forth as He once rode into Jerusalem on the back of an ass’s colt. His ability to draw men unto Him is frankly doubted, so He is provided with a gimmick to do the trick for Him. The cheap and tawdry glory which He once rejected is placed around His head as a crown. The crown they give Him is studded with paste imitations, all borrowed from the world: middle-class prosperity, success, fame, publicity, money, crowds, social acceptance, pomp, display, earthly honor. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life have all been Christianized (not by liberals, mind you, but  by the evangelicals) and are now offered along with Christ to everyone who will “believe.”

And on top of this we still pray for revival, with no awareness of our dark betrayal and no intention to repent. All such prayers are vain. We need only humble ourselves to obey the truth and the  true revival has already started. An emotional revival superimposed upon an evangelical religion hopelessly sold out to the glory of the world would but increase the confusion and confirm the deception.

O Lord, save Thy people from such a snare.

A.W. Tozer died in 1963.


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