Hudson Taylor

Today marks the anniversary of  the death of J. Hudson Taylor (d. 1905) the founder of the China Inland Mission. The two volume biography of Hudson Taylor is some of the best devotional Christian reading available. This biography is exceptional because it reveals the heart of a Godly man. A good biography reveals the joys and sorrows the successes and failures, it reveals God’s grace and his admonitions; such is the case with this biography. Here is a brief excerpt from this man that walked with his God:

How incomprehensible is the love of God! His ways are indeed past finding out. How many of His providences are like the cloud between the Israelites and the Egyptians – if looked on by unbelievers, or without faith, it is a cloud of darkness; but if viewed according to the privilege of the Lord’s people, it is no longer darkness, but light and safety. May this be your experience; may you feel that the Hand which inflicts the wound supplies the balm, and that He who has emptied your heart has filled the void with Himself.

I have this biography in Kindle format. If anyone is interested in obtaining this please let me know and I will upload the files. Here is a link to the book in Google books to vol 1. Here is link to a roughly formatted html version of both volumes.I own and strongly recommend buying the two volume set, you will not regret the purchase or the hours spent in reading.


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