What do we fight for?

Phil Johnson just posted an article titled Socinianism in Lab Coats. I think it is a perfect example of the point of Kevin Bauder’s articles  regarding conservative evangelicals. Phil is taking people to task, with some fury,  because they deny the Bible; not simply because they disagree with him. This is the fighting spirit that a true fundamentalist needs to have. By way of contrast, as Bauder notes, the problem with the movement called fundamentalism  is that it is  too busy arguing over dress standards and the best Bible translations to worry about real doctrine. To quote Bauder exactly:

Frankly, conservative evangelicals do seem to take doctrine more seriously today than many Fundamentalists do. Not that the Fundamentalists are unwilling to discuss doctrine! Many of them are at this moment arguing for a “biblical” doctrine of the perfect preservation of the King James Version or of the Textus Receptus. Others have speculated that the work of redemption was not completed until Christ carried His material blood into the heavenly tabernacle, there to abide as a perpetual memorial before the presence of the Father. Still others have engaged in shrill campaigns of anti-Calvinism while defending theories of human nature that almost beg to be described as Pelagian. Such Fundamentalists are too numerous to be dismissed as aberrations—indeed, their tribe seems to be increasing.

Phil’s article is great but the point that it drives home is much greater. We need to fight when people deny the fundamentals. We will disagree and may limit fellowship over other things but that is a discussion not a war.


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