A love for the ministry that supersedes a love for God

Here is an excellent article for people in the ministry:


The author warns pastors of having a love for the ministry that  supersedes their love for God. He writes:

“I recognized that by itself, without God at its foundation, ministry is utterly futile. Without remaining resolved in steadfast surrender to God, ministers living for the ministry will either leave the ministry, or, what’s worse, the ministry will leave them. Sure, a minister might continue to preach, pray, and program while he attempts to play the man, but in due time his feet will slip and his ministry to the ministry will begin to eat away at his soul from the inside out. Such ministry corrupts the man and metastasizes throughout the church body. It leads to cynicism, apathy, and burn out. It knows no grace and seeks only its own ends. Without God at the very heart of ministry, ministry is not only a fool’s errand but is impossible-; thankfully, that’s just the way God designed it — to be impossible without Him.”