Preaching Christ from the OT

I listened to both Al Mohler and Tim Keller’s messages from the recent Gospel Coalition conference. I agree with Mohler and the premise that God’s grace and redemptive plan is present in the OT. However, when I listened to Keller I had to wonder if this is really expository preaching. My candid impression is that he had some things he wanted to say and used this text to structure those things. I didn’t get the impression that he was fleshing out what was really going on in that text. I was wondering if any one else had opportunity to listen and were willing to give any feedback. I am planning to listen to session 3-Begg from Ruth, 4-Panel Discussion and 9-Carson from Ps 110.



One comment on “Preaching Christ from the OT

  1. Luke says:

    I just read this blog post on Keller:

    I thought that it was relevant and consistent with how his preaching struck me.

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