Personal Separation

At the Preserving the Truth conference Dr. Minnick spoke twice. His second message was on Personal Separation. His primary text was Romans 12:1-2 (he also drew from Eph 2) from which he exhorted his listeners to not be shaped by the age. Though I’m sure many would immediately roll their eyes when they consider a fundamentalist speaking on this topic from this passage. Not only would most be surprised at the content of this message, I would also challenge them to call his exegesis into question. Dr. Minnick is faithful to the Word, structures his message around the text, and is always engaging. He spoke of the current of this world, and the direction that it sweeps men along. He reveals from Rom 12:1 that anyone who is going to  be able to speak on this topic they must first be willing to sacrifice for that is our reasonable service of worship. He gives a stark warning of the imposing dangers that this world poses to contemporary believers that those in ages past did not face. If you are one that rolled your eyes I challenge you to invest the 55 minutes and square with the truths of the Scriptures.

During Pastor Minnick’s sermon he mentioned that the world refers to our current age as the “information age.” This morning I was reading from Mortimer Adler’s book How to Read a Book who wrote the following:

Perhaps we know more about the world than we used to, and insofar as knowledge is prerequisite to understanding, that is all to the good. But knowledge is not as much a prerequisite to understanding as is commonly supposed. We do not have to know everything about something in order to understand it, too many facts are often as much of an obstacle to understanding as too few. There is a sense in which we moderns are inundated with facts to the detriment of understanding. (originally written in 1940, revised in 1972).

I am not suggesting with this quote that we need an anti-intellectualism, quite the opposite. The signal to noise ratio is very high in the information age. What I am suggesting is that we need to much more discerning in what we give our minds to.


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