Priorities of a Good Church

John MacArthur preaches a message on what defines a “good church” in this three part sermon titled Priorities of a Good Church (I have listened to the first message and part of the second). During his Grace to you intro he indicates that the primary motivation for this series was questions from students at Master’s College. This was a chapel message rebroadcast over the GTY program. I would not classify this as an expositional message as he does not preach from a single passage, nor does has he exegeted any passage in its totality. Rather, he supports his points from a variety of scriptures.

He begins by stating that the choice of a church should be done based on substance not on style–“Style is seductive.” His first point is that a good church has a “high view of God.” He contends that a high view of God produces Godly lives. This he supports both from Prov 9:10 and through a review of Lev 18 & 19, where the people are instructed to behave according to certain standards because “I am the Lord your God” and “be ye holy for I the Lord thy God am holy.” He states that “shallow worship is a byproduct of a shallow view of God” and “soft words produce hard hearts and hard preaching produce soft hearts”

I intend to complete the three part series tonight and will update this post with my impressions from the remainder tonight.


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