Expository Preaching in the OT

So I have a bunch of pastors that I know and respect as the best expository preachers. I have looked through their sermon libraries and found that they rarely, if ever, preach through an entire OT book. People will preach through Jonah, Ruth, Job, Zechariah or some minor prophets. They preach the life of the patriarchs and creation. They preach from Psalms & Proverbs.

I understand that we are NT Christians, that the OT foreshadows the NT, that our main diet of preaching should be NT. But I also believe we are to preach the whole council of God. Why don’t preachers preach OT books expositionally, verse by verse, chapter by chapter? Isn’t this what Christ did? I’m not suggesting the application of the Chistological hermeneutic, but I am suggesting that we do too little with the OT text. If these men haven’t been able to do it with their mature congregations what hope have I. It seems that we give the OT too little attention and cast it off as a least favored child. This just doesn’t seem right.



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