Evidences of Genuine Faith

Mark Minnick preached a message on apostasy titled Evidences of Genuine Faith. This message was taken from Hebrews 3:12-14. The warning that he issues to the audience was obviously rooted in his pastoral experience and years as a professor at Bob Jones University. How heartbreaking it is to encounter a church member (or in his case a former student) that no longer darkens the door of a church, or who even denies the basic tenets of the faith. In his audience of 5000 he notes that if 90% remain true to the Gospel that this leaves 500 people that will depart the faith. In a church congregation of 100 it leaves ten wanting.

First Minnick identifies as those that were among the church but were not part of them them. That is they had never placed saving faith in Jesus Christ though they may have placed mental assent in the facts of the Gospel. Secondly, he suggests that the true mark of a Christian is love of Christ. He mentions that though there are times when every Christian experiences times of coldness they are cognizant of that fact and will move to address this position.

I thought that the message was faithful to the Scriptures and appropriate to our time. How many people do we know who sit home every Sunday or who give no thought to Jesus Christ from week to week? How can anyone know such a glorious God and spurn Him in that way? I’m sure that Minnick’s message found receptive hearts in chapel as it did with me. How we need to be ardent with the Gospel!