The Suffering Savior

This is a excerpt from the book The Suffering Saviour by F.W. Krummacher:

Let us hasten to Gethsemane, therefore, when we feel oppressed in a world where selfishness reigns paramount, and what still remains of the charity of the Gospel threatens to expire in self-seeking and self-love. The loving Saviour, whom we behold struggling for us in Gethsemane, continues ours; and how faithfully, ardently and disinterestedly is He attached to us! What a price did it cost Him to elevate such unworthy creatures as we are from our misery, and to procure eternal salvation for us!

Resort to Gethsemane when you stand uncertain which way to choose–whether to give yourselves to God or to the service of the world. Gethsemane will make it evident to you what sin is. Look at Jesus. He did no sin, but only took upon Him that of others. How did it fare with Him? . . .But know that what tortured Him for a time, menaces you forever! Think of being eternally doomed to endure the society and the scoruages of the infernal powers!. . .

Let us repair to Gethsemane, lastly, when the storms of temptation roar around us, and Stan goes about seeking whom he may devour. The days in which our lot has fallen are dangerous, and few there are who are not carried away with the stream of impiety. Even in the circle of the believing and the pious, how much weakness of faith, decrepitude of spirit, want of peace, and discouragement do we perceive! He, therefore, who wishes to be secure, must resort to Gethsemane. There we shall not only find a Confederate in the conflict, who will point the way to victory–there we shall not only be aroused with the alarming cry, “Watch and pray lest ye fall into temptation;” but there the conviction is renewed within us, that the prince of this world is already judged–that every rightful claim of the adversary upon us is extinguished, and that what the evil one suggests to us fo an abominable nature against our wills, falls upon his own head, and not upon ours, since it has been long ago atoned for by the bloody sweat of Immanuel, in the case of penitent sinners, and can only have a purifying effect upon us according to the will of God. This faith is the victory, which has already overcome the prince of darkness.

Looking thus at Gethsemane, in its proper light, ti becomes to us an “Eden,” and is transformed, with its horrors, into a peaceful retreat.. . . In this garden flows the never-failing river of God, which waters the new paradise. . . . Its holy gates are open to us. Come, therefore, let us reverentially enter, and inhale its peaceful atmosphere!

I’m hoping to complete this book before Easter. Krummacher takes you from the “The Outer Courts” (the upper room, the Lord’s Supper, the journey to Gethsemane), to the “Holy Place” (Gethsemane, his arrest, the trial, the way of the cross) to the Most Holy Place (The Crucifixion, His last words, his death and burial). This is a great book to bring focus to the Easter season. Especially, in a world that only knows about bunnies and eggs.


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