Inability not mere Disinclination

This is a quote from Charles Hodge which I believe begins to explain the problem that man has with worship:

As God and Christ are infinitely lovely, the fact that sinners do not love them is not accounted for by saying that they are not inclined to delight in infinite excellence. That is only stating the same thing in different words. If a man does not perceive the beauty of a work of art, or of a literary production, it is no solution of the fact to say that he has no inclination for such forms of beauty. Why is it that what is beautiful in itself, and in the judgment of all competent judges, is without form or comeliness in his eyes? Why is it that the supreme excellence of God, and all that makes Christ the chief among ten thousand and the one altogether lovely in the sight of saints and angels, awaken no corresponding feelings in the unrenewed heart? The inability of the sinner, therefore, neither consists in his disinclination to good nor does it arise exclusively from the source.

It Arises from the Want of Spiritual Discernment.
According to the Scriptures and to the standards of doctrine above quoted, it consists in the want of power rightly to discern spiritual things, and the consequent want of all right affections toward them. And this want of power of spiritual discernment arises from the corruption of our whole nature, by which the reason or understanding is blinded, and the taste and feelings are perverted. And this state of mind is innate, as it is a state or condition of our nature, it lies below the will, and is beyond its power, controlling both our affections and our volitions. It is indeed a familiar fact of experience that a man’s judgments as to what is true or false, right or wrong, are in many cases determined by his interests or feelings.
Charles Hodge, Systematic Theology, Vol 2, Part II, Ch VIII – Sin, p 261.

Though we receive a new heart by faith in Jesus Christ, our flesh is so demanding that our determination of beauty is twisted. The resolution to the issue is to know God more perfectly, to love Him more intimately, and to pray more fervently.