From D.M. Lloyd-Jones on Heroes

From The book John Knox and the Reformation

Think what you like of me, I like to look at and to read of a big man! In an age of pygmies such as this, is a good thing to read about great men. We are all so much alike and of the same size, but here were giants in the land, able men, men of gigantic intellect, men on a big scale in the realm of mind and logic and reason. Then look at their zeal, look at their courage! I frankly am an admirer of a man who can make the queen tremble! These are the things that strike us at once about these men. But then I suppose that the most notable thing of all was the fact of the burning conviction that dwelt within them; this is what made them the men they were.

If Lloyd-Jones is a pygmy what am I? Perhaps a gnat.