The Conquest

The following is from John Bunyan’s The Holy War:

While Ill-Pause was making his speech to the towns-men, something terrible happened to Lord Innocent. It may have been an arrow shot from the camp of the giant or the stinking breath of that reacherous villain old Ill-Pause that cause him to collapse in the place where he stood. But Lord Innocent could not be brought to life again. Thus these two brave men, Captain Resistance and Lord Innocent, died. Brave men i call them, for they were the beauty and glory of Mansoul as long as they lived there. Now, not one noble spirit remained in Mansoul.

The rest of the townsfolk were like men who had found a fool’s paradise. WHen they saw that the tree was good for food, pleasant to the eye, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, they did as old Ill-Pause adviced. THey took the fruit and ate it. And having eaten, they immediately became drunk with the nectar and opened both Ear Gate and Eye Gate.

The people of Mansoul let Diabolus in with all hsi hosts, forgetting their good King Shaddai, his law, and the judgment he had warned would come if they disobeyed.


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