Reflecting upon the rock from which we were hewn

Henry Martyn, missionary to Persia, died on October 16, 1812 at the age of 31. His Life and Letters, edited by John Sargent, reveal a man that is passionate for his God, holy, courageous, compassionate and devoted to the Saviour and His service. He writes:

Who, then, that reflects upon the rock from which he was hewn, but must rejoice to give himself entirely and without reserve to God, to be sanctified by his Spirit? The soul that has truly experienced the love of God will not stay meanly inquiring how much he shall do, and thus limit his service, but will be earnestly seeking more and more to know the will of our heavenly Father, that he may be enabled to do it. Oh may we be both thus minded! May we experience Christ to be our all in all, not only as our Redeemer, but also as the fountain of grace! . . .May [God’s Word] teach us to breathe after holiness, to be more and more dead to the world, and alive unto God, through Jesus Christ!

Henry Martyn, John Sargent editor, The Life and Letters of Henry Martyn, (Carlisle, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1985). First published 1819. ISBN 0851514685.